Ken-Ya Dance 2014 (April 27th)

Kenya Dance Socal was started three years ago by Kenya Dream, an organization raising awareness focusing primarily on education in Kenya. An outstanding group of passionate people with a great cause doing great things. 

Kenya Dance 2014 featured Yuri Tag & Joe from JK Films as their hosts as well as a headline performance by Quest Crew

Sutro Baths ruins

Sutro Baths [ruins]

Part Two (total of 3 posts) 

The second, or latter part of the day, we decided to head to Lands Ends Lookout which is also known as the ruins of Sutro Baths. 

We had spent the whole day exploring San Francisco and to relax and wind down a tad we decided to make our way to Sutro Bath ruins (aka Lands Ends Lookout) which would allow for some time by the water and away from the city. We arrived just around sunset and so the lighting allowed for some nice pictures but by the time we left, the sun had set already and I had to make do with what I could in the little time I had. Although nothing serious, just some pictures for the heck of it. Hope you all enjoy!

Moraga Steps / Grand View Park

I actually really enjoyed the view here. Although nice and simple, I guess the peace and serenity really got to me in the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. Although the mosaic tiles and steps themselves were beautiful in its own glory, the top of the hill provides an almost 360 degree view of the surround area and both are equally breathtaking.

Phoenix Mountains

Week 10 of Winter Quarter has come to an end and finals week is approaching. I am just about ready to call it quits and toss in the white flag but what fun would that be… 
But times of hardship also accentuate times of happiness and thus I am excited and ready for the adventures and photo opportunities during Spring Break! 

Anyhow, a few weeks ago, Michael and I chose to go to Phoenix to go get his car and although a cloudy and rainy weekend, in addition to some indoor activities we managed to get a hike in on Sunday before we made our way back to Irvine. Got a couple of shots during the hike but it was nice to enjoy the weather and environment around us. The ambiguity of finals might be fitting considering the mood of the photos.

canang sari (Bali, Indonesia)
ca - beautifulnang - purposesari - essence
The flowers, used to create canang sari, an offering created aesthetically with sincerity and attention to details. 

Everyday (Irvine, CA)


十分瀑布Shihfen, Taiwan


YouthTaipei Skyline of Taipei 101

Mixed Feels
Taipei Skyline of Taipei 101